The present and future of Ganoderma Research


In recent years, the achievement on Ganoderma (Lingzhi) research and its product development has been remarkable progress rapidly, and has become the focus of attention at home and abroad. Large number of studies from different perspective elucidated the biological characteristics, chemical composition and active ingredients, product quality control, pharmacological effect and its mechanisms, and clinical applications based on Lingzhi. Lingzhi’s industry also has been developed. In order to promote Lingzhi’s research and its academic exchange, the 2011 International Meeting on Ganoderma Research was held at China Hall of Science and Technology, Beijing, China from 16th to 18th August, 2011, by the International Society on Ganpoderma Research (ISGR), the Chinese Pharmacological Society (CNPHARS), the Medicinal Mushroom Committee of China Edible Fungi Association and the Edible Fungi Branch of China Agricultural Society.

The theme of meeting is the Present and Future of Ganoderma Research, including: (1) Germplasm resource; (2) Classification, identification and cultivation technique; (3) fermentation engineering; (4) Chemical composition and active ingredient; (5) Pharmacological effect and its mechanism; (6) Clinical uses and health care; (7) Product and its quality control.

In the future, new chemical composition and active ingredient, cellular and molecular mechanisms of biological activities, rapid and confirmatory method to identify effective composition, fermentation and cultivation technique, double-blind large-scale clinical trial, and quality control of product will be the focuses of Ganpoderma Research.

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