Insights into Biomarkers, Cytokines, and Chemokines in Skin Cancer


Understanding the microenvironment within skin cancers is key for the development of new preventative and therapeutic treatment options. Research advances in skin cancers such as melanoma have revolutionized immunotherapeutic treatment options, for example through the provision of checkpoint inhibitor trials that have benefitted not just melanoma patients, but also patients with a wide array of other cancers, including less readily accessible cancer types. However, checkpoint inhibitor success is limited in melanoma and unlikely to become the mainstay of treatment for other skin cancer types like squamous cell carcinoma. Therefore, many skin cancer subtypes remain with few treatment options and there is much still to be learned regarding the identification of biomarkers to predict immune checkpoint responses and the contribution of soluble mediators such as cytokines and chemokines to the tumour microenvironment and the outcome of tumour growth.

The purpose of this Research Topic is therefore to provide an up-to-date repository of research into biomarkers and cytokines associated with the pathophysiology of skin cancer.

Hence, on behalf of our JCEDR Editorial Board, I invite the experts in the fields of immunology and dermatology to submit original research articles and reviews describing and summarizing the latest insights into soluble mediators (immunological and non-immunological) and their roles within skin malignancies in form of any article (Research/Review/Mini review/Case report/Short communication/Commentary).

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Kathy Andrews
Managing Editor
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research