Inflammation in Healing and Regeneration of Cutaneous Wounds


Cutaneous wounds are a largely unrecognized, spiraling epidemic that affects millions of people worldwide. Healing and regeneration of wounds is a complex process that has at its core a functional inflammatory response that initiates the repair process and fights against infective pathogens. Wound inflammation is a tightly regulated process involving neutrophils, macrophages, mast cells, and various leukocytes and tissue restoration mechanisms working in concert to allow healing and tissue restoration following injury. However, in many conditions, dysregulated and/or prolonged inflammation leads to the development of chronic wounds and contributes to excessive scar formation.

Over the past few decades, scientific advances have greatly contributed to our current understanding of the complex molecular and cellular pathways that govern the natural progression of wound inflammation. The use of different in-vitro systems and experimental animal models has significantly improved our understanding of inflammatory pathways and the role of immune cells including T cells in the healing and regeneration of cutaneous wounds. However, research into the role of eosinophils, dendritic cells and B cells on cutaneous scar formation is lacking. On the other hand, preclinical and clinical studies have led to several emerging therapies that target immunological mechanisms and aim to regulate damaging inflammatory processes during wound healing. Despite the recognition of the importance of inflammatory dysregulation in chronic illnesses, the mechanisms underpinning the inflammatory regulation of wounds are still not fully understood.

With this Research Topic, we aim to foster insights into inflammatory regulation of healing and regeneration in cutaneous wounds and to provoke further basic and translational research in this area to ultimately improve the so far unsatisfactory treatment options for patients suffering impaired healing. We welcome the submission of insightful Case Reports, state-of-the-art Reviews and Mini-Reviews as well as Original Research articles dealing with basic, translational or clinical studies that cover immunological aspects of wound healing, including, among other aspects, the following topics:

- Mechanisms regulating inflammation of cutaneous wounds.

- The role of immune cells, proteins, and cytokines in regulating inflammation during healing of the skin.

- Inflammation and scarring of cutaneous wounds.

- Novel inflammatory biomarkers in the diagnosis of chronic wounds.

- Clinical immunotherapy approaches for the management of inflammation-mediated non-healing chronic cutaneous wounds and inflammatory skin conditions.

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