Biochemical Changes and Cardiovascular Function


Clinical & Medical Biochemistry  covers the research areas in the field of Clinical Biochemistry, Pathological, Microbiological, Molecular, Cellular, Genetic and Bioinformatics concepts and other advanced techniques. The journal primary mission to serve the public interest in health care by providing leadership in clinical laboratory science to national professional societies, the diagnostics industry, government and non-government organization. Journal of Clinical and Medical Biochemistry also acts as a bridge in various interdisciplinary areas of medicine. It covers laboratory accreditation programmes pertaining to health and disease.

Clinical biochemistry is a special branch of medicine dealing with measurement and interpretation of the physicochemical condition and dynamics in healthy and diseased humans, thus contributing to a pathophysiological understanding and thereby to prophylaxis, diagnosis, therapy, prognostication and research of disease.

Journal of Clinical and Medical Biochemistry is successfully running in the Volume 6 which covers a wide variety of specialties reaching out to analytical scientists worldwide.

The primary mission of the journal is to promote improvement in the health and wellbeing of community through the development and practice of clinical biochemistry and dissemination of knowledge and recent advances in this discipline among professionals, diagnostics industry, government and non-government organizations. Journal of Clinical and Medical Biochemistry publishes peer reviewed articles that contribute to the existing knowledge in all fields of Clinical biochemistry, either experimental or theoretical, particularly deal with the applications of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, and immunology to the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of human diseases. The articles published also include those covering the analytical and molecular diagnostic techniques, instrumentation, data processing, quality assurance and accreditation aspects of the clinical investigations in which chemistry has played a major role, or laboratory animal studies with biochemical and clinical relevance.

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Clinical and Medical Biochemistry