Insights to Ultrasound Technology


 An ultrasound scan finds its applications in medical and research field . The ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the internal organs of the body. The major benefit of ultrasound is it does not utilize or emit any radiation that causes harm to the human body. Thus it is also suitable for use during pregnancy.An ultrasound is recommended for heart, kidneys, bladder, brain (in infants), eyes, liver, ovaries, pancreas, spleen, thyroid and other body organs.

Another important application of ultrasound is found under water where an  ultrasonic pulse is generated in a specified direction . This technology is termed as Sonar. The released ultrasonic waves bounce back after collision with any object in its pathway.This is termed as an echo, which is detected by a reveiver. The distance of the object placed is thus detected by the diference in the transmitted signal to echo.

Although, certain factors as temperature and water salinity impacts the ultrasound waves, the technology is still reliable as it provides information within less time.

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